Morgan Schatz Blackrose

Morgan Schatz Blackrose
Storyteller - Musician - Author

Morgan Schatz Blackrose was a professional storyteller, writer, musician and educator for over thirty years. Her stories and songs have taken her to schools, hospitals, libraries, homes, festivals and conferences in Australia and to over twenty countries overseas.

Morgan Schatz Blackrose was born at the foot of the Snowy Mountains in NSW, Australia. She grew up on a farm outside a small town called Tumbarumba, which took it’s name (meaning sounding ground), from the traditional owners of the land, the Ngarigo people. She spend her last three years in Brisbane, from where she travelled to a number of Aboriginal communities in Far North Queensland and Arnhem Land, working with local schools and councils on storytelling arts projects. On most of these projects Morgan was collaborating with her husband Roman W. Schatz, who works as a visual artist.

Her primary purpose was to get everyone sharing their stories, as well as performing. As a professional storyteller Morgan was passionate about the role of folktales as a powerful teaching tool in fostering cultural identity and forging tolerance between cultures, in addition to being an entertaining medium for the transmission of global cultural values.

“I tell stories to celebrate our diversity, impart a sense of wonder in our being but also because storytelling is fun.”

Morgan Schatz Blackrose.

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