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Morgan and Roman are artists working in communities to create specific health promotion and/or education projects. Morgan is an oral storyteller, musician and author. Roman is a visual artist working with photography, and conceptual art. They work with community elders, health and education professionals, and the communities themselves. Their work challenges prejudices, celebrates diversity and promotes tolerance and resilience in the participants. In 2017 they are available to visit remote, rural and urban communities in QLD, NT and NSW. For more information download leaflet.


Morgan and her husband, visual artist Roman W. Schatz, offer storytelling-based arts residencies to schools and communities world-wide. These include individual and collaborative creations, concerts and exhibitions, tailored to your curriculum requirements. The contention that Art and Storytelling are global languages lies at the heart of their storytelling-based arts programmes. As such, these ‘languages’ can be expressed and understood by students of all cultures, abilities and ages.

Nurturing children as storytellers addresses three key areas of their educational development; oral, cultural and language literacy. Respectively it assists in the development of their receptive and expressive language skills, provides a credible basis for their understanding of folklore, cultural traditions and social values, as well as offering a sound foundation for their pursuit of, and their competency in, reading and writing.

When storytelling is partnered with art and music, students develop additional communication skills and cultural awareness, as well as visual and information literacy, and an understanding of art and music history, mathematics and philosophy. As well as academic outcomes, storytelling-based arts programmes offer a universal and inclusive pedagogy. They challenge prejudices, celebrate diversity and promote tolerance and resilience in the participants. Please visit our gallery to see examples of student work.

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Letters To The Earth IS Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

The I AM Project is an ongoing StoryArts project in Schools and Communities throughout the World.


Storytelling entertains, enlightens and educates
Storytelling stimulates the imagination
Storytelling develops speech and language ability
Storytelling celebrates humanity
Storytelling teaches about the world and its cultures
Storytelling expands the vocabulary
Storytelling challenges prejudices
Storytelling creates a safe learning environment
Storytelling promotes resilience
Storytelling nourishes the mind, body and soul
Storytelling fosters tolerance and understanding
Storytelling nurtures intellectual growth
Storytelling values stories and storytellers

From Mouthmovers  Morgan Schatz Blackrose 2010

A glimpse into the StoryArts Programme at Urandangie State School in QLD, Australia, in May 2017.

 A pictorial report on the Healthy Dogs, Healthy People Project in Lockhart River, Australia

Picture by Roman W. Schatz.

Greita and Angkum from the Healthy Happy Dogs of Lockhart River Calendar 2017


Continuing the Healthy Dogs, Healthy People Project with the Pups ‘n’ Bubs Programme. The DVD Songs for Healthy Pups ‘n’ Bubs DVD is available through our webstore. Here is a sample song.



In 2018 we continued our work at Lockhart River Aboriginal Community in Cape York with a project called Making Your Mark. The purpose of this project was to extend the Pups ‘n’ Bubs focus towards promoting Kindness as a value, underpinning the actions of individuals within the community. We told traditional stories from different cultures and performed contemporary rhymes and songs. These sessions then informed the construction of a collaborative artwork.

Making Your Mark Project