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The Koala Went Cooee  (Family/Young Children)
24 songs about Australian animals and birds with an accompanying booklet for parents and early childhood educators. On sale here 

Tell Me – Storytelling as a Global Language  (Young Adult/Educators)
Fifty fabulous folktales with twenty five tried and true cross curriculum activities to entertain, empower and enlighten students of all ages.

© 2008  96 Pages
ISBN – 978-0-9805362-0-1

Traditional stories connect us to each other. They show us who we are, who we have been, and who we can become. Familiarising ourselves with our cultural stories promotes an understanding of both our identity and our humanity. Listening to the stories of others not only enriches our knowledge of the world and it’s peoples, it enables us to be more compassionate human beings. 

from Tell Me: Storytelling as a Global Language

Stolen – A HP Mystery   (Young Adult)                                                                                                                      The daughter of an Australian archaeologist and a Swiss artist, twelve year old HP and her wild teenage cousin are off on another adventure. This time her family are visiting Turkey’s most beautiful city, Istanbul. Here she encounters a stolen child, and is thrust into the dangerous world of human trafficking. With the assistance of her old friends in the international organization of geriatric crime fighters, her boomerang throwing cousin and a child’s drawings, can HP reunite a family? Once again her resourcefulness, imagination and courage are called upon to bring the guilty to justice and protect the innocent.

© 2014 141 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9924189-0-8

All Morgan’s Storytelling Handbooks will now be sold as workshop resources in PDF formats only. 

Okpo Amusement Park



A Korean Ghost Story

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Flying Fox colony filmed at Kooloonbung, Port Macquarie, Australia

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