Early Childhood & Community

Morgan is committed to improving the lives of children and their carers through the provision of high quality oral literature programmes and activities. To this end she has been offering storytelling and oral literature workshops to children’s librarians and other early childhood professionals for the past twenty years. Below are three projects she has worked on in the Port Macquarie and Kempsey regions.

Tales for Terrific Talkers: a year-long collaborative project with Port Macquarie Speech Therapists to address speech and language delays in young children. The resulting books from the project have been a foundation for much of her storytelling work overseas.

Storytelling for Literacy & Connectedness: a two and a half year project conducting outreach story times for young mothers, Aboriginal and supported playgroups.

Everyone has a place: positioning Aboriginal kids in the world through the presentation of world folktales. A six week storytime programme for two Aboriginal Preschools.

In each programme the presentations had a twofold purpose; to create a positive shared storytelling experience and to mentor the adults to recreate this experience in the home or early childhood setting.  In each of these programmes family bonding was strengthened, cultural identity affirmed, listening protocols learnt and hearing problems identified.

As well as writing resources and providing training for Early Childhood Educators, Morgan also speaks at conferences as an advocate for live language programmes for young children.

Strengthening communities Through StoryArts in QLD 2017

Preschool Concerts Queensland Australia 2017